Providing advice & support to trustees on the ongoing investment of trust property

As a trustee you will understand the importance of advice relating to the careful and appropriate investment of trust property, so as to act in the best interest of beneficiaries.


Trusts can be very complicated and the law expects trustees to take advice from suitably qualified professionals where this is appropriate.


Our trustee service provides advice and support to trustees who seek advice on the ongoing investment of trust property, enabling them to meet their obligations and ensure that any investments are suitably diversified, consider the differing needs of beneficiaries and have consideration for standard investment criteria as defined by statute.

Client story…

Frustrated by property holdings that were purchased by previous trustees of the family trust, K and V were concerned about the rising cost of maintaining the property portfolio and the hassle factor that was beginning to blight their own retirement and relationship.


We helped K and V see that alternatives to investing into property were possible, so as to meet their wishes as trustees in delivering on the objectives of the trust and securing its future.


Through careful consideration of the implications, we placed K and V in an informed position, allowing them to make a decision that would help the family trust reduce costs and return peace of mind.


By gradually selling down properties, the family trust now has a flexible, fluid and diverse investment strategy in place that can accommodate the varying needs of beneficiaries, so that K and V can meet their obligations as trustees.

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