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Providing a firm foundation and confidence in your financial plan

As a business owner, you’ll already know that most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.


As a no doubt very busy person, you could be forgiven for not giving your financial planning the time it requires.


With only a small number of hours committed to your financial planning each year, we can help you to ensure that your hard work pays off for you personally and professionally, by helping you to plan for your financial independence.


We’ll work with you and your other trusted professionals to deliver the most effective and beneficial outcome for you and your business.


We’ll take care of all of the technical financial considerations that come with planning for business owners, ensuring you can take advantage of our knowledge to your benefit, providing you with a firm foundation and confidence in your financial plan.

Client story…

T is a hard-working business owner, managing over many years to purchase several investment properties, but always taking out loans to purchase them. Often, however, these properties have been expensive to maintain and through changes in legislation, purchasing additional property was not as beneficial as it had been in the past.


Using the healthy resources within her company, we showed T how she was able to invest regularly in a tax-efficient way, allowing her to build up further resources, ensuring she can continue to move towards financial independence.


With the fast-changing pace of her business, previously profitable avenues closed unexpectedly, with significant investment required to access new markets.


Through our advice, we developed a plan for her to combine effective management of her business to allow it to continue to pursue important markets and sustain the company’s profitability, whilst ensuring that a clear plan and exit strategy was in place for her when she wants to retire.


Firmly in the driving seat, her business and wider personal assets now provide a formidable and efficient means for complete financial security for the rest of her life and at the same time providing inter-generational wealth beyond her lifetime.

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