Providing reassurance & peace of mind in this important chapter of your life

Ensuring that you can maintain your lifestyle in retirement is paramount. Now that you are possibly working part-time or not working at all, the healthy management of your financial resources has never been more important.


We work with people who have worked hard to reach a point where they can retire and want to ensure the right balance between their spending and gifting, and preserving their wealth.


We will help you to plan carefully to determine how much expenditure or gifting your resources can accommodate without eroding your financial security.


We’ll help you to avoid common mistakes and traps that can befall all but the most prepared, to provide you with reassurance and peace of mind in this important chapter in your life.

Client story…

Approaching Retirement


Working within a local authority role, M did not join his local authority pension scheme, anticipating that he would rely solely on his personal resources to repay liabilities and hope that there was enough money for retirement.


After our first consultation, we quickly explained the benefits of joining the scheme and this advice was followed. We then formulated a plan to repay liabilities quicker than had initially been planned, reducing considerably the interest paid to lenders.


Once this was complete, M was able to then invest his surplus income based on our investment strategy, to build up further resources for retirement. At this early stage, we were able to show M the benefits of pursuing this course of action.


Reality has exceeded expectations. With our coaching, mentoring and adjustment to his investment strategy over the years, M has not deviated from his plan for over 15 years and is now arriving in the position where his resources will ensure that he and his family have sufficient provision to do the things they have always wanted to do in retirement, whilst maintaining financial security and peace of mind that would have otherwise eluded them.

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